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Testimonials .

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Beanbags! They have excellent communication practices and despite the time difference between our countries it has been very efficient. They are very professional and organized and in a month I have already seen significant improvement in the tasks that have been assigned to do. I would highly recommend them!

Alexandros, CEO Inspired Voyager

Alexandros Holevas, Inspired Voyager
Very cooperative team with world class services.
A reliable place to boost your business.

Irfan Rashid, CEO Beauty Crafts & 3Wickets

Irfan, IBSP




Roshanay Asif Sheikh
Roshanay Asif SheikhCo-founder & Managing Director
Entrepreneur & Trainer by profession, Software Engineer by qualification, my aim is to join hands of Technology with Industry! This co-working space through which I will enable young & potential entrepreneurs to escalate their professional journey, and provision of dynamic & customized IT solutions to industries will act as a building block towards my ultimate goal!
Imran Ali Hashmi
Imran Ali HashmiCo-founder & Director Operations
Having had an extensive experience in the fields of Business Development & Training, I understand the changing needs and requirements of striving businesses, especially in light of industry 4.0. My experience in the field of Career Counselling has enabled me to fully understand a person’s inner potential which then helps me to mentor and guide them in the most optimal way.
Abeer Khalid Hayat
Abeer Khalid HayatCo-founder & Creative Director
Having a good product/idea is not enough unless you know how to display it, sell it and make people believe in it! That’s what I do best! My qualification in media & advertising, and other initiatives involving social work & social development that I have taken have allowed me to understand media & marketing in depth! I facilitate you in showing the best of you to the rest of the world!


We have discovered that the most ideal approach to get them is with advance examination of your organization, contenders, target market and client psychographics. After we completely understand your values and the demands of your clients, we will recommend a suitable plan.
We bring our diverse background of advertising, design, branding, public relations, research and strategic planning to work for your company. Not only will your materials look incredible – you will get results.
Our costs are fair and reasonable. There are no unexpected bills. Any unexpected or additional costs must be pre-endorsed by you. This is how we want to be dealt with, and this is also the way our customers are treated.
Our first and foremost rule is that we never miss a deadline. This is one of tightest turnarounds in our business – and we have never missed a single one.
We only employ experienced and proficient experts. We do not plan on sending unprofessional workers to train on your dime!
We sit on a similar side of the table as you to give answers for business issues. We try to tune in to your business issues, offer a few systems to determine the root of the issue and help you in resolving the issue.
We don’t seek after each organization that needs PC support. We pick just customers that share in our values. Serving an organization’s IT and basic system needs is a huge opportunity that we take that seriously. If we cannot succeed in an excellent manner because of value differences – we simply don’t pursue the opportunity.
Anybody can make sites and run social media pages, however the experience of working with an individual helping you is so significant. The BeanBags Team truly thinks about each customer. This drives us to offer your organization our absolute support.


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